Acrylic Tracing Boards

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If you have selected Design #6 (Personalized Name), enter the name exactly as you would like it to appear on the tracing board. Depending on overall length, name may be split across two separate lines.

Our interchangeable tracing board kit is a sleek addition to any learning space or playroom. The clear acrylic inserts are laser etched on underside with dotted characters allowing for smooth tracing on the top with a dry-erase marker. Built-in eraser allows for small corrections or a full reset of the board to try again. 

Standard Kit:

  • 1 wooden base 
  • 2 acrylic tracing inserts
  • 1 black dry-erase marker 

Expanded Kit:

  • 1 wooden base 
  • 3 acrylic tracing inserts
  • 1 black dry-erase marker
  • Disclaimer: the wooden base is only deep enough to securely hold 2 acrylic inserts when being stored. If purchasing the expanded kit, the third insert will be loose and should be stored with care to avoid damage.


Design Options:

  1. Standard Uppercase
  2. Standard Lowercase
  3. Cursive Uppercase
  4. Cursive Lowercase
  5. Numbers
  6. Personalized Name **

** By default, the Personalized Name option will have full name on single line as captured in sample photo, and second line will be blank for them to practice their name freehand. However, if full name is too long to fit on single line, First Name and Last Name will appear on separate lines instead.


Materials & Measurements:

  • Base = natural baltic birch, laser cut and assembled (15.5"L x 4.5"W x 0.5"H)
  • Tracing Boards = 4mm clear acrylic (14.5"L x 3.5"W)
  • Marker = fine-tip low odour dry-erase with built in eraser (4.5" end to end)


Production time on this items is approximately 2 weeks. This is when we would have your order ready for shipping via Canada Post or available for free local pickup. You will receive a message as soon as your item is ready.